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Want to see what other parents and children have to say about working with ExcelChoice Education? Scroll down to check out some of my client testimonials and feedback.


IG @_chady_

Thankful for Ms. Mapp & her tutoring program! It has been great to pick up my daughter from school more confident and not as stressed as she was before. Most middle schoolers are timid to ask their teachers for help if they don't understand something that's being taught. Since I've hired Ms. Mapp over a month ago to help my daughter with her assignments, she has been less anxious and level headed with upcoming projects or tests coming up. This poised attitude happened within 2 weeks of her tutoring; that says a lot!


Personally, I feel Ms. Mapp helps me understand all of my confusing homework way better than my teachers. She is also very easy to talk to and always gets work done.


IG @padigoodspeed

My daughter has a very curious and creative mind. The traditional classroom setting hasn't always been the easiest for her to navigate through. We started going to Kumon, but it lacks the human touch. We were recommended to Asia by one of my friends and she has been a godsend! My daughter often compliments her by telling me that she really knows how to listen and break things down. Asia takes the time necessary to understand my daughter's perspective, and then helps her close the gaps from there. This has proven to be invaluable in our lives as my daughter's grades are getting better. More important than the grades, her comprehension of what she's learning has grown significantly. We are super grateful that we have Asia in our lives and we recommend her to everyone we know!


5th Grade

Tutoring with Ms. Mapp is good! She knows a lot of things to help me because she is a good teacher. She is very patient and polite. I feel I have learned a lot more, because I read more than I used to and I've improved.


I'm beyond grateful that I came across ExcelChoice Education! I was in much need of help with college applications and the dreaded essay portion. Asia was very professional and carried out great communication throughout the whole process. She helped turn my basic answers with horrible grammar into such insightful and gracious responses. Thank-you truly for all your help!!

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